Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Tomorrow

My day will start early tomorrow. A client has requested a two hour appointment beginning at 6:30 am to discuss an important strategy decision he is facing. I will then return to my office for our team’s regular 9:00 am Monday morning WIP (work in process) meeting. We are attempting to expand this meeting to not just go over what is on the agenda for the week in regard to projects in the office, but to also set each or our 3 biggest goals for the day/week.

A lunch meeting will follow with a potential new client who was referred to us and is currently simply looking for a second opinion related to the tax structure of his businesses. I will attempt to go much deeper than this with him. Tax structure is important but what is his ultimate vision for his operation? My experience tells me that he may not have a clear picture of his “perfect” operation or what the critical success factors are for him to achieve that vision.

At 2:00 another meeting! An investor group representative is stopping by to discuss several accounting issues, project management, and liquidation scenarios related to the ultimate sale of the project. This may not sound very exciting… but to these business guys the success of this project and ultimate “cash out” is very important.

Later in the day, 4:30 or 5:00 my wife and younger daughter have an appointment with her volleyball coach and mentor. Are we putting Caroline in the place of most potential to earn an athletic scholarship? Is this what she really wants? If so, what is our continuing strategy and action steps? These are some pretty big decisions and there is lots of information to gather.

After all of this “busyness”, I already know what I will be thinking at the end of the day. Did I do enough, did I really help anyone, what could I have done to improve on the day’s tasks? You see I am cursed with something I call “positive discontent”. No matter how good things seem. I just cannot allow myself to be totally satisfied or content. There will always be something that I could have done to “make it better” or I could have been more effective in some way.

I don’t think I am a perfectionist. I do enjoy the quality completion of tasks. But I think I enjoy examining and improving the process as much, or more, than getting to the end.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Busy days like it don’t come along too often…thank goodness! There would be no time to get the actual work done. The planning days are the most fun. They allow days like tomorrow to happen with out unbearable apprehension. I consider my “positive discontent” an asset. It helps keep me sharp. I need every advantage I can get!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a busy day!!! I am off for the next three nights!!! YAY! I'll call you tomorrow after all your meetings. I love you and I'll be praying for your day!

Tim said...

Thanks Sarah. (My daughter loves me! Yay!)

Anonymous said...

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