Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not Wrong, Just Different

Wouldn’t it be terrible if we all liked and wanted the same things? Only one color car would be needed, only one color hair! We would all rush to the beach (or the mountains) for vacation. The tourist industry in one or the other would go out of business…but that would be ok… because the shop owners didn’t want to be there anyway.

Silly, right? Then why am I guilty of thinking that everyone must like and want the same things I do? I tend to fall into this trap everyday. I have to constantly focus and re-focus in order to remind myself that others (my teammates and customers in particular) are not always in tune with my way of thinking.

It takes intentionality for me to not put all people in the same box. They must be thinking this or that because I am thinking this or that….bull! The fact is that the exact opposite may be true….they are probably thinking one way just because I am thinking the opposite!

Well… in any event, I am happy that we are all different. The simple fact that we are all unique allows me to grow and learn as I pursue answers to various questions (business and otherwise). I am amazed by how, sometimes, the persons I am acquainted with approach a situation 180 degrees different than me. Not wrong, mind you…just different. Depending on the relationship with the individual, this situation can be quite stressful or quite exhilarating.

If we are searching for the right answer…it is really cool as we can discuss, argue, and influence each other in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. If we are each searching only for our answer…then it can get ugly…real ugly.

Here’s to open minds and different ways of thinking.